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Texoma 650 Pressure Digger For Rent

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  • Make: Texoma 650
  • Model: Texoma 650
  • Year: For Rent
  • Depth: 40'
  • Kelly: 5 1/2” outer 4” inner
  • Engine: Diesel
  • Trans: Automatic

Reedrill Texoma 650 

40’ ( 13.3 Meters ) Digging Depth 

5 1/2” outer 4” inner Kelly

John Deere Diesel 155 HP 

Automatic Transmission 

Shaft Drive Drill System 

240° Degree Turntable Rotation  

24” Extendable Frame Travel 

25,700 lb, Hydraulic Crowed Force 

43,000 ft-lb Rotary Torque

72” Auger Max

5,000 lbs Service Winch

Joystick Controles 

4 Hydraulic Outriggers


Power Traxx 16SW

All-Terrain Track Machine

Ice Cold A/C

Cummins Turbo Powered Diesel

Hydrostatic Drive 

Front Winch


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Weekly rates are computed at the rate of one third the stated monthly rate. Three weeks rental constitutes one month. Daily rates are computed at the rate of one third the stated weekly rate. Three days rental constitutes one week. Bosch reserves the right to determine minimum rental terms and charges. 

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